A detoxing open-air activity in search of “the diamond of the kitchen”:
truffle hunt & lecture in FULL RESPECT of the woods and their ECOSYSTEM

Fancy sampling one of the world’s rarest, most exclusive foods?
Take part in a truffle hunt with a local expert and delve into the mystique surrounding this underground treasures.
Piedmont is one of Italy’s great truffle capitals, home to the fabled white truffle ,the second costliest food in the world.

This is a fun opportunity to experience the thrill of hunting for the only gourmet food that cannot
be grown to order, followed by the chance to savor the unique aroma of this treasured fungus.

Arriving on the spot and start of the Hunt :

two hours ( about) immersive experience in the silence of the forest and
vineyards, hunting the most precious of tubers. Guided by an expert truffle hunter, the “Trifulau” and the nose of his
well trained dogs , you will enjoy Mother Nature at her finest.
After the natural walk you can enjoy a “truffle-oriented menu “ at one of the top restaurants of the area.

We propose to end the day with a guided tour to a first-class local winery , specialized in Barolo (or Barbaresco ) wine :

visit to the cellars followed by an unforgettable wine tasting session.

End of TAG services.

Length of Experience : 6 hours
Meeting point : municipality of Barolo or Barbaresco, in the rare woods of the law Langhe region.
Validity: all year round ,except February and March according to the season and the regional hunt rules
Our Services : white truffle hunt , black truffle hunt, white truffle hunt by night (early morning or late at night)



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